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Mirabai Devi: Photo by Kathleen T. Sullivan

Vision and Mission

Vision: To activate and awaken humanity, to heal, uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of all those who are ready to wake up and go home to the Light.

Mission: The mission of Mirabai Devi LLC and the Mirabai Devi Foundation is to conduct, support and sponsor spiritual services, charitable services and activities and humanitarian projects, promote education and information to help humanity cultivate spiritual growth, and to raise the awareness and consciousness of humanity. This is done through the three pillars of Light Transmissions, Spiritual Practice and Sacred Service.

Mirabai delivers her teachings through four global movements:

  1. The Divine Feminine Movement: The gatherings where Mirabai delivers the transmission of Divine Light to millions around the world.
  • The Lightworker Training School: A worldwide training and apprenticeship program for Lighworkers whose work is to activate the Inner Light, remove blockages, and be of greater service to humanity. The program is currently delivered online through the Mirabai Devi Foundation.
  • A Power of Love: An online membership portal that contains the teachings, programs, and practices at the heart of Mirabai’s work
  • Mirabai Devi Foundation: The Mirabai Devi Foundation is dedicated to raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity. It serves its mission through activities that educate about, inform, and cultivate spiritual growth and consciousness raising. As part of the Foundation’s ongoing mission the Foundation offers Live Stream programs, teachings, Lightworker Training, and Light Transmissions. Through the skillful integration of Light Transmissions, Spiritual Practice, and Sacred Service, our spiritual longings, personal responsibility, and social duty may be fulfilled collectively.


Mirabai Devi is a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Divine Mother, Heart-centered Inspirational Speaker & Presenter, a channel/conduit for the Divine Light, Global Healer, Author, and the Founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation, her 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The Foundation’s mission is to raise world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity. Mirabai has been in service to this mission for nearly 30 years. Born in South Africa and currently living in Hawaii, Mirabai has traveled throughout the world as a teacher, healer, and spiritual leader. Her global programs and group healings have transformed the lives of millions of people.

Mirabai Devi also established her for-profit LLC which offers private sessions and group workshops and programs as well as public presentations at festivals and Conferences such as Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest. She frequently speaks on podcasts such as Super Power Experts and Messages of Infinite Light.

Mirabai’s programs include spiritual teachings, guided visualizations, healing, spiritual tools and techniques, devotional singing, and the transmission of the Divine Light. Mirabai encourages all people to focus on the Inner Light of God in order to directly experience their own Awakening. Her organization also houses the consciousness-raising Lightworker Training School that serves to uplift, educate, and empower individuals to hold the Light in their local communities as teachers, healers, and Lightworkers.

For a more extensive biography, including her life history and spiritual teachings, visit her website at


Book & CDs


“Mirabai Devi transmits Divine Light in the person of the Divine Feminine and changes lives every day, as she did for me and my family.
My sister and I had a very profound experience early on in our contact with Mirabai. Our brother had been in a comatose state for over a week after a terrible accident in his woodshop. He had been drinking and using his table saw. A piece of wood came flying into his face and eye. He was found in a pool of blood on the floor in the early morning by his wife and had not regained full consciousness. We were not sure he ever would. He went into the hospital and was in a coma for a long time. We went to our first Darshan with Mirabai Devi and asked her to pray for him and assist him.
Shortly after we did that, that same evening, out of the blue, his wife got a call from a nurse who stated that my brother had awakened out of his coma and insisted that his wife be called, as he knew his wife would want to know where he was and that he was ok. It was a miracle to us that our prayers had been answered with such immediacy. His recovery was lengthy but he is back with us.”

~ Monica T.

“Mirabai’s virtual Inner Listening Retreat was a truly, life-changing experience that I will treasure for eternity! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and connect with their Inner Voice. The shifts in my awareness, insights and understanding of myself and consciousness were absolutely profound and deeply healing. Since completing the retreat the connection with my Inner Voice and the Divine Light has expanded massively and I am truly grateful for these blessings. This is the most profound and effective on-line retreat that I have had the pleasure to attend. It was an absolute honour and a privilege to be guided by Mirabai through this process. The whole retreat was conducted in the most warm, loving and professional manner. A huge thanks to Mirabai and her team. My gratitude is beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ Love Rob. K

“The mentorship gave me so much more than I imagined and in unexpected ways. On the spiritual side of life’s equation, it has opened up my path, strengthening my inner sense of myself and clearing away a lingering cloud of futility. My intuition is opening up more and my work with clients has deepened and quickened. My mind is much quieter and with that I’ve experienced long periods of causeless joy and being at ease in the world and with others, even in the midst of a pandemic. Physically, I’ve had chronic pain for decades and that has decreased significantly. In particular, during a group call Mirabai and the Divine focused on an old injury to my mid-back. This spot has bothered me for several decades despite many treatments of one kind or another. The pent-up emotion attached to that injury lifted and dissolved, with it the pain has disappeared.”

~ IB

“I’m having a wonderful experience of my private retreat with Mirabai. Mirabai helped me map out the things that needed attention, for my spiritual growth. We worked together on healing the traumas and perceived negative experiences, also on limiting beliefs, that were operating my life. After clearing and healing the traumas, I also experienced healing of the physical body. I have been living with back pain, on and off for about 2 years, and nothing that I did seem to help. After the second session with Mirabai, I experienced no more back pain.
My heart felt so much lighter also, and I see things from a different perspective now. I’m more hopeful and it feels like I’ve become a better version of myself.”

~ Anonymous

After my first darshan with Mirabai Devi I felt a huge amount of fear and anxiety being lifted off of me and replaced by waves of bliss and a deep sense of peace. It was as if a large chunk of dark negative emotion that I had been carrying around forever had suddenly been miraculously transformed into light.

~ John

Two dear friends had been nudging me to go to a “Mirabai Devi event”, but I was reluctant because of other experiences. Finally my curiosity overtook me and I went to an afternoon event. My friends had not told me what to expect. Mirabai walked to the front of the room and sat down. Never have I experienced love so completely in only an instant. The day when I received Darshan I saw a vision of pure, crystal clear water from pristine melting snow; tumbling down a steep, virgin, mountain side; rushing over rocks and gravel in a rushing stream of beautiful light-water. Mirabai was the water; baptizing me, washing me, giving me light. This vision has never left me.

~ Nancy

The Spiritual Mentorship Program with Mirabai Devi resulted in the removal of blockages that shielded my perception of who I am at the core of my being. It’s becoming clearer that I’m not just a body with a personality and preferences but something much bigger, infinite, and eternal. I have a renewed and increased interest in awakening to my own nature, the Absolute, and also to get to know the Divine in its many subtle, manifest forms.
The program also opened the capacity of the heart to be more open and loving resulting in a lessening of negative mental judgements of others.

~ Reb J

Services and Offerings

Mirabai offers private sessions and group workshops and programs as well as public presentations at festivals and Conferences such as World Vision Conference, World Parliament of Religions, Disclosure Fest, Lightning in A Bottle, Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest. She frequently speaks on podcasts such as Super Power Experts, Saturday Night Alive, Messages of Infinite Light, and has spoken on Lilou Mace and Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Program titles include:

  • Open Your Heart
  • Spiritual Practice of Manifestation
  • Awakening and Ascension
  • Inner
  • Listening
  • Angelic
  • Realms
  • Merkabah
  • Guided Soul Journey / Spiritual
  • Mentorship Energy and Lightwork
  • Healing Group Special Monthly Small
  • Healing Groups Monthly Topical
  • Teleconference Calls


  • Private Sessions for individuals
  • Private Five-day Retreats for individuals or couples
  • Two-day Group Retreats or Intensives
  • Lightworker Training and Apprenticeship
  • Program FB Livestreams


Quotes from the book, Samadhi

“The whole Universe is made of love, every atom, every fiber, every cell, it is all a creation of love, created in love, and very few experience this. Those who do, experience who they truly are.”

“The Light always works. It’s impossible for the Light not to work… that’s its nature.”
“Transform everything with love.”

“Only when you experience the deepest and most darkest pain can you know the most supreme joy. There in the ugliest most pain-ridden face lies the most precious creator, God… Reveal God in every form.”

“The more you are able to let go and surrender, the more the Divine can work in your life. Either you let go, or you hold on and suffer.”

“Forgiveness is when you realize that you are all just actors.” “All sickness is due to a lack of love.”

“God feels compassion for your pain and wants to take your pain. Your pain does not belong with you; it belongs with God. It has to be offered back and surrendered up. All that then remains is your Divine nature, which is pure love, compassion, and kindness.”

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