Mission Statement

The mission of Mirabai Devi and the Mirabai Devi Foundation is to conduct, support and sponsor spiritual services, charitable services and activities and humanitarian projects; promote education and information to help humanity cultivate spiritual growth, and to raise the awareness and consciousness of humanity. This is done through the three pillars of Darshan, Spiritual Practice  and Sacred Service.

The Divine Light

Experience the Golden Divine Light

Darshan – A Transmission of the Divine Light

The Mirabai Devi Foundation is devoted to making Darshan available to as many people as possible. Darshan is the central vehicle by which individuals from all faiths and paths, as well as those with no specific religious beliefs, may experience their direct connection to the transforming universal Light that transcends religions and dogmas and yet is the spiritual essence of each.

Darshan is not just a practice but also a consciously created sacred space where men and women can gather together to be awakened, healed and nurtured. In this safe and consecrated space we are given the opportunity to release our pain and impurities and experience directly for ourselves the inner Light.

Mirabai Lighting a sacred fire during puja

Mirabai Devi lighting a sacred fire during a puja ceremony

It is not the purpose of Darshan to replace a person’s personal religious practice, only to support a deeper understanding and experience of it. Coming to Darshan does not bind you in any way to Mirabai Devi or her foundation. It is a gift, freely given to be shared and made accessible to all, regardless of belief, creed, or walk of life.

Spiritual Practice

A daily spiritual practice is required to accelerate your spiritual evolution and to remain connected to the divine. This will help integrate the experiences you have received in darshan. A daily practice can include prayer, repatterning belief systems, mantra repetition (japa), chanting (kirtan), devotional singing, meditation, breath work (pranayama), spiritual exercise (hatha yoga).

Sacred Service-Love in Action

There can be no complete spiritual awakening without service. We are all pearls linked together on the same shining string. Through service we honor all beings as expressions of God and see the divinity in them.

Service includes the following:

Mirabai Devi at a South African Orphanage

Mirabai at the orphanage in South Africa she sponsors

  • The creation of programs, satsangs, retreats and workshops as well as establishing Healing Centers and Ashrams wherever they may be needed.
  • The rendering of charitable services and humanitarian projects for the distressed and less fortunate in our society.
  • The support and sponsorship of the work of healers and spiritual teachers from around the world.
  • The cultivation of fellowship, harmony, world peace and the mutual sharing of wisdom and knowledge, prayers and devotional songs among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

The Mirabai Devi Foundation exists so that we may fully experience and express our spirituality and humanity in tangible and practical ways. It is our sincerest wish and prayer that through the skillful integration of Darshan, Spiritual Practice, and Sacred Service our spiritual longings, personal responsibility and social duty may be fulfilled together.

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