Global Healing Teleconference

Prayers for All Humanity and Mother Earth

Worldwide Prayer Teleconference

Teleconference Phone Number:


Access #:624893

Earth Heart

A Call for Global Prayer and Meditation to Help the Earth

The time has arrived for all of us to move beyond the consciousness of separation and duality. It is time for us to join together as one breath, one heartbeat, one voice, and one consciousness of pure Divine Love. Let’s acknowledge the Divinity within every heart and celebrate our diversities, moving past the illusion of things that separate us.

Mirabai is making an urgent plea for all of us to gather together in prayer, in community, to pull ourselves into Unity Consciousness, raise our vibration into Divine Love, to elevate out of fear and negative reaction during this deeply chaotic time!

Mirabai is offering a FREE TELECONFERENCE for you and all of your loved ones to unite as a global community and pray together for all of Humanity and for Mother Earth, as well as global safety, protection, peace during this time of great turbulence. We invite you to participate in this healing as we send Love and Light to the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Please join us monthly for this free teleconference. Please visit our website Events page for specific dates and times.

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Mirabai’s call will include the following

* Teaching from Mirabai

* Guided Meditation

* Forgiveness Prayer Session

* Prayer Session for All of Humanity and Mother Earth

* Open the call to everyone’s prayers for All of Humanity and Mother Earth

Teleconference Phone Number:


Access #:624893

For participants outside of the United States, please dial:

001 -712-432-0900

Access: #624893

Please share this information with your loved ones as we gather together in prayer and in community. We invite each person to invite 10 people to join our call to help raise the collective consciousness into Unity and Love.

With Love and Blessings,

Mirabai and The Mirabai Devi Foundation


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