Intimate Gatherings

A special program of “Intimate Gatherings” with Mirabai Devi is available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the large amount of people who have requested private sessions with Mirabai, this program has been created to meet the growing demand. The programs are held at beautiful private homes in a small group setting.

The Intimate Gatherings offer everyone a private time with Mirabai where you can openly ask questions, share your deepest concerns and challenges and allow her to assist you in gaining insight, releasing, understanding and healing them. The atmosphere at the programs is contemplative, confidential, meditative, silent and supportive.

Whether your struggle is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, the guidance and love you will receive from Mirabai will open the pathways to permanent transformation, upliftment and joy. No matter what your religion, background or age, the energy and healing that you receive from Mirabai will be life transforming.

The gathering will begin with a meditation and then a group question and answer session. Afterwards, each person will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one, personal attention from Mirabai. All attendees are requested to maintain silence during the program. Your time with Mirabai is unique and personal to you.

During your personal session:

  • You may ask questions about your life, request personal healing for yourself or others and share your heart’s deepest desires for your life and/or the life of your loved ones. If you have a small photo of someone who needs healing, please bring it.
  • You may ask for and receive a personal mantra.
  • You may bring a photo, mala (prayer beads), shawl or jewelry (washed in water) to be blessed by Mirabai.
  • If you wish, you may also bring photos of yourself and loved ones for Mirabai to place on a special shrine for continuous blessings.

Whatever your specific requests are, they will be addressed and the healing with Mirabai will benefit you and your family. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet Mirabai Devi and directly experience Divine Love and Healing in these powerful group settings.

Mirabai Devi

Mirabai in San Diego

Group in San Diego

Please Note: All funds received go to the Mirabai Devi Foundation to support her mission of making spiritual awakening available to as many people as possible and raising world consciousness. All paid programs are offered to raise necessary funds for the Foundation’s operating costs and make it possible to provide free Darshan and Satsang programs for the public.

Pre -registration for this program is required.
We would greatly appreciate payment in advance to hold your spot.
Location will be sent when you register.
Space is limited and fills up quickly.
Please reserve your space as soon as possible.
Please wear comfortable and modest attire.


  • please contact
  • or call at 760-216-1029
  • or send a check made payable to:
    Mirabai Devi Foundation
    P.O. Box 235615
    Encinitas, CA 92023-5615


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