Mirabai Devi's Darshan

Darshan is the Sanskrit word that means “to have the vision of God.” During darshan you receive the blessing of the Divine Light, which is transmitted through Mirabai. The transmission of the Divine Light into your soul activates and awakens you to your true divine nature. This transmission is called “shaktipat,” or awakening of the inner spiritual energy. This awakening begins and deepens a journey that accelerates the soul’s evolution, removes karma and purifies the energy centers of the body. Shaktipat does not tie or bind you to Mirabai in any way. It is a free offering of the Divine Mother’s light.

Mirabai Devi Blessing Rose Petals

Mirabai blessing rose petals during a Darshan

When you come up for darshan, it is not Mirabai the personality you are interacting with but rather the Divine Mother which comes through her while in samadhi (a merged state of union with the divine). Please prepare yourself before coming up by sitting in silence. Come to darshan with an attitude of a surrendered mind and ego, and a heart that is devoted to God and the Light. Allow yourself to offer all of your problems, burdens, and questions to Mirabai. Try to make yourself empty and witness everything that arises for you in the darshan. You may also bring a photo, mala (prayer beads), shawl or jewelry (washed in water) to darshan to be blessed by Mirabai.

It is recommended that you remain in silence and enter into meditation for at least 15 minutes, allowing yourself to fully absorb the transmission of Light.

Please Also Note:

  • Photography, recording and videotaping are prohibited except for those authorized to do so.
  • Please make sure your cell phone is turned off.
  • Please dress modestly. Short skirts and tight sleeveless tops are not appropriate.
  • Please come to the programs with clean hair.
  • Please maintain silence during the program to preserve the meditative atmosphere.
  • Please do not sit with your feet outstretched toward Mirabai. If you must stretch your legs, please point your feet to the side and not directly at her chair. Thank you!


Darshan Introduction – Video Links

Link to Darshan Introduction – Google Video – 11 minutes Click Here.

Link to Darshan Introduction – YouTube Video – 6 Minutes Click Here.

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