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Kundalini is the spiritual power that resides within all people at the base of the spine and is often represented as a tightly coiled serpent. Kundalini Shakti remains tightly coiled at the base of the spine, regulating the bodily functions of ordinary waking consciousness, until the energy is released…often through spiritual practices or a spiritual activation. This release is sometimes called a Kundalini awakening or Kundalini rising.

Mirabai Counseling

Mirabai offers spiritual counseling, support and Kundalini care

The effects of a Kundalini rising on individual consciousness are varied and differ from person to person, depending on each person’s personality, karmic history, physical constitution, etc. Sometimes people can experience complications during a Kundalini rising that can feel dramatic, painful, confusing, and/or supernatural and may require special, spiritual care.

Mirabai Devi offers support, help, mantras, prayers, Lightwork and Light Transmissions to individuals undergoing the awakening of their Kundalini. She is available to support you through any difficulties that may arise over the course of this sometimes bewildering process.

If you are interested in receiving spiritual support from Mirabai due to issues regarding Kundalini care, please send the Mirabai Devi Foundation Office an email to info@mirabaidevi.org and describe your experiences/symptoms in detail. Mirabai will either work with you individually or in a group of others who are at a similar stage in their development.

Mirabai guides you through the process of Kundalini activation with skill and loving attention. She provides the spiritual guidance necessary to comfortably advance you through the various stages of a Kundalini awakening.

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Kundalini Shakti is the Divine Power within

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