Light, Lightworkers, and New Earth

Mirabai Devi – interviewed by Lilou Mace, in Kauai, Hawaii. October 2011

Mirabai Devi’s Lightworker Training is an advanced spiritual program designed to empower those who feel called to be of service in the world. This training activates the participant’s inner light, removes blockages, and cleanses karma so they can become a stable, loving conduit for the Divine Light.

Being a Lightworker means first learning how to raise your own vibrational frequency, then raise the frequency of the whole collective consciousness of humanity, and then help heal Mother Earth. The Lightworkers are Midwives to help Mother Earth through her Ascension. They hold that frequency of the Divine Light in their community, and ground this Light into the Earth.

The next International Lightworker Retreat on the mystical island of Kauai will be held in July of 2012. It is an intensive, magical and profoundly transformational one-week retreat for those active in Mirabai Devi’s Lightworker Training. The first International Lightworker Retreat on Kauai concluded in late October of 2011, and every participant experienced great healing and opening in their lives. Information about the details of the July 2012 retreat will be posted as they are finalized.

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For those who want to know more about Mirabai Devi’s Lightworker Training, please go to There is a wealth of information about the training, as well as info on how to apply to join the growing worldwide community of Lightworkers.

Thank you for your interest in Mirabai Devi and her mission.
All blessings to you in Divine Light.

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