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Heidi Hall

Heidi Hall of the Mirabai Devi Foundation

Thank you to all of you who have sent your love and prayers to Heidi during this difficult period. We also appreciate all of the supportive phone calls and emails that have come our way. If you would like to leave a message for Heidi or Mirabai, please feel free to contact Michele at the Foundation office. Heidi now has a new blog site where you will be able to send your love to her directly (see below for details).

While Heidi is undergoing treatment, the extensive costs of living and of her hospitalization are making it such that she is unable to have the full peace she needs to focus on her recovery and healing. In order to ease Heidi’s financial burden and provide her peace of mind, Mirabai has created a fundraiser in Heidi’s name.

To support Heidi, Mirabai is asking the community to donate in a variety of ways and her target goal is to raise $5000. Below are a few options for donating.  With your support 100 people donating $10 will put us well on our way to our goal!

Donation to Healing Conference Calls

Mirabai is donating two group-healing calls during the month of December to those people who make a contribution in the following amounts:

·       $50 = Half hour group healing call

·       $100 = One hour group healing call

(Please note this is separate from the existing healing

teleconference call and substitutions are not available)

If you would like to send a donation to benefit Heidi, please:

a.     Make your check payable to Sherry H. Hall (Heidi’s given name) and mail to: The Mirabai Devi Foundation, PO Box 235615, Encinitas, CA 92023-5615.

b.     Please make a note in the memo portion of your check if it is for a ½ hour or 1-hour group healing call.

c.     Contact Michele at the office to be placed on the healing conference call list.

Heidi’s family has created a blog site for Heidi! She has already posted her first page and is looking forward to sharing her journey and hearing from all of you. Please visit her very special web address:

With Love and Gratitude,


Drew, Maggie, Ashina, and Michele

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