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    Couple being married by Mirabai in Bimini

    Couple being Married in Bimini

    Mirabai performs spiritual and legal weddings. This includes a tailor made ceremony designed by the couple and Mirabai. Weddings can include darshan, spiritual teachings, meditations, poetry and rituals.
    Mirabai is happy to travel to where you are for your wedding.

    However if you would like to have your wedding on the beach in Kauai, that would be Mirabai’s preference.

    Wedding photographer available for weddings in Kauai.
    If you are wanting Mirabai to marry you and your beloved, please contact the Mirabai Devi Foundation Office at:
    760 216 1029

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    Mirabai giving Darshan

    Mirabai transmitting Darshan during a wedding

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